Narrows of the Harpeth – Harpeth River State Park

Harpeth River State Park is home to many beautiful hiking trails along 40 miles of scenic river views. Located in Kingston Springs, Tennessee, this park is perfect for kayaking, canoeing, fishing, and hiking. Narrows of the Harpeth is a 1.1 mile out and back hiking trail that is often heavily trafficked. The trail is accessible year-round and dogs are allowed, but must be kept on a leash.

View from the Lookout

This trail is an easy, short trail, and is great for all ages. The end of the trail features a gorgeous overlook of the Harpeth River Valley at the top of a huge limestone bluff. The way up to the lookout is a little hard on the knees and very rocky. Be prepared to climb quite a bit up to get to the overlook, though it is totally worth it!

Kona on top of the Bluff

There is a point on the trail where you will have to make a decision on where to go. Depending on which side of the trail you started on, the Harris Street Bridge side or the cliff side, you may see one site before the other. There are signs directing you towards the bluff and waterfall. We always park next to the bridge because it is less heavily trafficked and you can always find a parking spot there. It also features some great river views that you might have missed before.

On the Harris Street Bridge

If you’re up for a little bit more of a hike to see another scenic site, I suggest going to see the Narrows of the Tunnel Trail as well. It features historic plaques with cool stories on what happened there during the 1800s. It only adds 0.7 miles to the hike, and it is well worth it. It is an easy hike and takes you to a unique manmade waterfall. The cave was carved in 1819 to feed a mill which the remains of created a beautiful waterfall.

Seth at the Waterfall

This trail and park are great year-round and these pictures are from different months and years. We absolutely love this trail and it is one of our favorite places to go when we are looking for a quick, yet rewarding hike. I even took my college graduation pictures on top of the bluff. I recommend this place for graduation, maternity, wedding, engagement, etc. pictures. It is absolutely breathtaking.

Graduation Picture
Graduation Picture
Graduation Picture with Kona

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